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Lawn & garden equipment repair & service - rtoro tractor repair - Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

Roy Toro is an experienced journeyman for all vehicles types. In his long 40 year career Roy Toro worked for several car delaerships in Los Angeles, San Francisco & New York. He specialized on Classic vehicles.  In 1985 Roy became a journeyman mechanic for  the US Postal Services specializing in seven ton vehicles and the smaller LLV's.  After retiring from the Postal Services in 2004 we started our former company known as Roy Toro Services, LLC.  Unfortunately Roy Toro Services, LLC  closed in 2009 due to unforeseen circumstances.  

Dawn Toro, Roy's wife; manages the office & parts department. Dawn has some 30 years experience as a full charge bookkeeper in a variety of industries in NY, Los Angeles, San Francisco & NJ before relocating to PA. In 2005 Dawn became a licensed Insurance agent for a large prestigious Insurance company. Dawn is currently still employed at her agency as Agency Manager and also runs the office & parts department for RTORO TRACTOR REPAIR.

Roy & Dawn are proud to announce that they are now re-tooled and have returned to continue to provide repair business for lawn mowers, tractors, snow blower, snow thrower, and all small enigne garden equipment serving all of Monroe & Pike counties in PA.