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RTOROTRACTORREPAIR (herein referred to as We or Us) and the customer (herein referred to as you or your), agree to the following:  We will furnish repairs & service upon your request using only OEM or manufacturer supplied parts purchased from vendors of our discretion unless otherwise requested or agreed upon by you in advance of installation. We reserve the right to use substitute parts (new) in the event the original parts are no longer available.

 We warranty all labor for 30 days. Our Serviceman will determine if a recall is warranted. If the problem is within our warranty period and service is for the same problem there will be NO CHARGE for labor. However, if the problem is different than the original service call we will charge our standard labor rate.
We do not provide warranty for used or customer supplied parts. Labor has a 30-day warranty starting from the date of delivery of the repaired unit. Misuse, intentional damage, or accidental damage caused by you or anyone using this equipment with or without your authorization automatically waives any warranty stated herein.

We reserve the right to refuse to install used parts or parts supplied by you. All newly installed parts carry a 30-day supplier limited warranty. We reserve the right to purchase and or supply parts from any source we deem appropriate.

The delivery of your repaired unit may be subject to a delay based upon receipt of parts on back-order. We agree to notify customer of any delay exceeding 10 days from date of order.

 Payment is expected upon completion of repairs and or upon delivery of repaired unit to you. We accept personal checks or Cash. Credit cards payments are not accepted at this time.

 We reserve the right to charge and collect additional costs associated with returned checks.  A fee of $35.00 will be incurred for non-sufficient funds or stop payment of any check received from you.

Failure to pick-up or accept delivery of your equipment in a timely manner will result in storage fees equal to $10.00 per day for each day beyond the expected pickup or delivery date. Items not picked up or delivered within 45 days after the first notice of failure to accept delivery or pickup by you will be considered abandoned personal property and is subject to disposal or sale at our discretion.